Le Grand Complet 2015

After 2 days of competition



Thanks to Alexis Gomez (FRA) in the CCI1*, Martin Hameon (FRA) in the CIC2*, and Lisa Gualtieri (FRA) in the pony class, the French pull ahead in the provisional results


The 19th edition of the « Grand Complet » started on Tuesday early morning at 8:00am with the first couples entered in the CCI1* sponsored by Devoucoux. The first test, the dressage, ended today in the afternoon. Alexis Gomez (FRA) dominates the provisional ranking, ahead of French Olympic and European medalist Nicolas Touzaint, who both ranked his two mounts at the 2nd and 4th places. Only 2 hundredth separates the two riders for the 1st place. In the pony class, 5 French riders dominated the dressage, leaded by Lisa Gualtieri (FRA), Mary Smiddy (IRL) being the first foreign rider (6th). At last, the 22 first riders did their dressage test in the CIC2* this afternoon. For the moment, Martin Hameon (FRA) leads the class ahead of Aurélie Riedweg (FRA). French riders globally dominated the three classes which already started. Foreign riders are all relegated further than the 5th place. British and Belgian riders are the best for the moment (see results below).


CCI1* Devoucoux Trophy (after dressage)

1- Alexis Gomez (FRA) / Absolut Allegro / 39.9 pts

2- Nicolas Touzaint (FRA) / Debby / 40.1 pts

3- Matthieu Vanlandeghem (FRA) / Calouchine des 7 Meuse / 40.2 pts

4- Nicolas Touzaint (FRA) / River Emery / 41.8 pts

5- Maxime Debost (FRA) / Texas de Cavilly / 41.9 pts

6- Camille Dumas (GBR) / MGH Regents Street / 43.5 pts

7- Sam Ecroyd (GBR) / Tullaher Sunrise / 43.5 pts


CCIP2* Toubin & Clément Trophy (after dressage)

1- Lisa Gualtieri (FRA) / O Ma Doue Kersidal / 44.2 pts

2- Victoire de Muizon (FRA) / Mon Nantano de Florys / 46.4 pts

3- Marine Allain (FRA) / Secret d'Arquetan / 46.5 pts

4- Charline Davoine (FRA) / Summer Song d'Aven / 46.7 pts

5- Solene Regnier (FRA) / Teck de Civry / 46.8 pts

6- Mary Smiddy (IRL) / Mr. Hale Bob / 47.5 pts


CIC2* IFCE Trophy (after 1st part of dressage)

1- Martin Hameon (FRA) / Rose de la Pehurie / 43.4 pts

2- Aurélie Riedweg (FRA) / Rohan du Maneix / 45.1 pts

3- Cédric Lyard (FRA) / Titou / 47.1 pts

4- Sébastien Cavaillon (FRA) / Only One du Reverdy / 47.2 pts

5- Mathieu Vanlandeghem (FRA) / Trouble Fête ENE HN

6- Yannick Dirou (FRA) / Tacoma d'Horset / 48.1 pts

7- Valentine Steeman (BEL) / Beauty Boy / 48.4 pts

8- Manon Minner (BEL) / Averouge des Quatre Chênes / 51.7 pts


Full results and start lists: http://www.sportequi.fr/pin/pin.html


Schedule for Thursday, August 20th

CIC2* dressage test from 8h to 18h

CCI1* cross country test from 10h to 15h30

CCIP2* cross country test from 16h to 17h30