The FIHB WHR Horseball World Cup, initially scheduled for 17th - 22nd August 2020 in Saint-Lô (France), rescheduled for 2021, will be postponed to 2022 at the Pôle Hippique of Saint-Lô.



The board of the International Horseball Federation (FIHB), gathered on saturday 13th of february, has decided to postpone the event due to the current circumstances with COVID-19.

The Normandie Horse Show (NHS) association, wich was in charge of the organization of this event took notice to this wise decision. Indeed, the majority of the countries at this date, did not restart the Horseball activity and have no perspectives when they will. This makes it difficult to prepare with sureness a major competition like the World Cup. The situation is difficult for the nations, especially the ones overseas who have to plan their travel.

The amazing and convivial atmoshere of the 3 European championships (2007, 2013, 2017) and the demonstration games during the WEG of 2014 still resonate into the Saint-Lô arena's walls and the board of the NHS couldn't resolve to organise the world cup behind close doors.

36 international teams had registered in early 2020 as Australia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Kyrgyzstan and most of the European countries, wich ensure us to the decision to postpone the world cup, so everyone will be able to be part of this great event from 15th to 20th of august 2022 ! 


Normandie Horse Show