Manfred Schulze: "With two horses around the world"




Many years have passed since I circumnavigated the globe with my horses "Panca" and "Pushkin". Now it has finally been possible to present this adventure in English. While crossing the US, I found many friendly horse people who pave the way for me. Some accompanied me temporarily and led me through magnificent landscapes. With this publication I would like to thank them again for their help. On the way from the west to the east coast of the USA many media reported about this still unique ride. Despite my weak language skills, I often gave interviews several times a week and I could feel the great interest of the people. Unfortunately, my reports of crossing other states were very poor. That's why I wrote an extensive book with all the experiences - dangerous and beautiful. And this book is now available on Amazon Kindle in English: "With two horses around the world" as an eBook: 

"With two horses around the world"


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